Catalyst is a team of young people and adults working together to create great learning experiences.

Catalyst teens pursue their interests, develop their strengths and discover what they love to learn and do.

Catalyst teens create, invent, grow, explore, 

take responsibility, take initiative,

build, connect, and succeed... 

without school.


Members connect with one another through text and video chat. Collaborative research and projects, presentations, workshops, seminars, speakers, all bring the Catalyst community together. 

Independent Learning

Members pursue learning experiences of deep interest to them. With staff, they focus on short- and long-term goals as well as exposure to new areas of interest, and find the best opportunities for learning.

Learning in the World

Members find local opportunities to pursue their interests. Internships, volunteerism, community college classes, activism, or paid work, all help prepare for independence.

The Catalyst Network welcomes adults and young people for our network of mentors, teachers, writers, and activists. If you'd like to be a part of Catalyst, send in the survey linked to the left.

Do you need what Catalyst Learning Network has to offer?

Are you the parent of a teen who is unhappy in school? Has the issue created unpleasant conflict between you? Catalyst Learning Network can help you and your teen understand one another and find solutions.


Are you a homeschooling family looking for new options for your teen? Catalyst Learning Network can help explore what's possible.


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Are you a teen looking around for learning options? Self-directed learners possess perseverance and the passion to pursue their dreams, gain experiences, and -- if they want -- go to college! Do your parents know all the facts about your learning options? Catalyst can help.