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Across every area of K-12 education, educators must effectively meet the needs of 21st-century learners, fulfill accountability measures, and provide equitable access. Catalyst EDU has responded to these demands by creating collaborative support tools to support administrators, teachers, and students. Informed by research, student data, and each organization’s existing ecosystem,Catalyst EDU develops a customized program that ensures the most impactful learning outcomes.

Catalyst EDU works in close collaboration with all stakeholders to align our solutions to your organization’s core learning environment through offering virtual co-teaching and tutoring directly to students. We partner with educators to identify targeted student cohorts and leverage assessment and benchmark data to develop strategic plans for each student. Our instructors are college graduates with a minimum of five years of teaching experience. Every instructor is extensively trained on how to effectively deliver content virtually and how to adapt instruction to align with each student’s learning style.

Our Academic Support Coaches provide a non-evaluative learning zone for teachers and administrators to grow his or her practice as individuals or as small groups.  Based upon research around teacher efficacy and years of experience in implementing shared best practices, educators experience meaningful reflection, feedback and actionable next steps during each coaching session centered around a shared SMART goal.  Growth in practice is based upon high-impact data which drives all decision-making.  We want to normalize the fact that EVERY educator should have the opportunity to work with a coach in order to experience inspiring and impact-driven growth in the learning zone in order to become even more effective in the performance zone.

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