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Our Solutions

School Improvement

School Improvement

At Catalyst Learning, our School Improvement Services are designed to provide comprehensive, tailored strategies that address the unique challenges of each school. We specialize in supporting schools identified for Additional Targeted Support and Improvement (ATSI), Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI), and Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) due to persistently low performance. Utilizing a holistic approach, we offer proven wrap-around services that can be personalized to meet the specific needs of various subgroups and enhance overall school health. Our services encompass a range of performance indicators, including academic achievement, English language proficiency, graduation rates, and other measures of school quality and student success. With our expert team of experienced educators and former school, district, and state leaders, we are committed to driving significant, sustainable improvement and fostering a positive educational environment for all students.

STEM Model Site Support

Catalyst Learning is dedicated to fostering a vibrant STEM culture in schools and districts through our comprehensive STEM Model Site Services. Our team of experienced STEM Coaches collaborates closely with educators and students to enhance STEM education and create immersive, engaging STEM experiences. Partnering with William Carey University's esteemed STEM program, we bring a wealth of expertise, cutting-edge resources, and innovative strategies to the classroom. Whether through hands-on projects, teacher professional development, or student enrichment programs, our services are designed to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and a love for STEM disciplines. Join us in building a strong foundation for future innovators and leaders with Catalyst Learning's STEM Model Site Services.

Kids in Technology Class

Live Virtual instruction

Our virtual instructors are trained and knowledgeable of virtual engagement strategies with a minimum of five years teaching experience and licensed in the state of Mississippi.  Our collaborative approach allows instructors to communicate and plan with classroom teachers to whom they are assigned in order to follow school pacing and programming while supporting student growth.

Computer Class
Real teachers. Real lessons.
In real time.

Our teachers meet with your students virtually to design and implement lessons tailored directly to their needs.


Our innovative and fun approach to instruction keeps students engaged and increases learning outcomes.

Flexible Structure

Virtual Instruction can take on a variety of structures depending on the needs of the school and district.  Some popular instructional structures include:

  • Co-teaching - our virtual instructors will plan with the classroom teachers and teach a small group of students during class time with real-time, applicable, standards-based instruction.

  • Intervention - our virtual instructors will provide small group and 1-on-1 tutoring throughout the day much like having access to  targeted interventionists on campus. 

  • Homebound Services - Our virtual instructors can ensure that synchronous learning takes place following the lesson plans and assignments from class in order to provide instruction and academic support.

Academic Success Coaching

Our Academic Support Coaches provide a non-evaluative learning zone for teachers and administrators to grow his or her practice through individual or small group coaching. Using our  research-based Intentional Learning Strategies © combined with the district or school’s goals, educators have a voice in their professional learning that is targeted, growth-oriented, and empowering.  No single professional development activity is more impactful to an educator than non-evaluative, intensive instructional coaching, and no activity inside the construct of school is more impactful to student outcomes than amazing and empowering teachers and leaders. We want to normalize the idea that EVERY educator should have the opportunity to work with a coach in order to experience inspiring and impact-driven growth in the learning zone in order to become even more effective in the performance zone.  Educators can receive CEUs for participation in the coaching cycle.

Leadership and Data Coaching

At Catalyst Learning, we understand that effective leadership and data-driven instruction are critical to school success. Our Leadership and Data Coaching services are designed to empower school leaders and educators with the tools and strategies they need to make informed decisions and drive improvement. Utilizing Mastery Connect, we provide expert data coaching to help schools effectively track student progress, identify areas of need, and implement targeted interventions. Our experienced coaches, who are seasoned educators and former school, district, and state leaders, offer personalized guidance based on proven leadership principles. We focus on building capacity within schools to foster a culture of continuous improvement, collaboration, and excellence. With Catalyst Learning's Leadership and Data Coaching, schools are equipped to harness the power of data and strong leadership to achieve lasting success and enhance student outcomes.

Diversity Students

Our Impacts

At Catalyst Learning, we strive to make meaningful impacts on the students and educators that we serve. We are proud of our reputation of being a company that provides transparent data to our educational partners to monitor student progress and celebrate student success. 

Students on a Break

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