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STEM Excellence School Sites

Catalyst EDU is excited to guide schools through the process of becoming STEM Excellence School Sites using rubrics from Carnegie Science Center and the Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards.

Partner schools will receive:

Personalized Plan

A personalized plan tailored to the school and district needs

Professional Development

A combination of workshops, coaching, reflection, and action to grow from emerging to advanced through intentional job-embedded professional development provided by Catalyst EDU


A dedicated STEM coach to guide step-by-step through the process

Completion Banner

A “STEM Excellence School Site” Banner at the completion of each level

The Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway is a strategic continuous improvement planning process to aid schools and districts in improving STEM education. The Pathway will be facilitated by Catalyst EDU, an official Pathway Partner, through a program of workshops, coaching, and classroom walks conducted throughout the academic year. The 3 year process will follow this pathway:

I. Emerging | II. Progressing | III. Advancing

STEM Pathways Rubric.jpg
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