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Academic Success Coaching

Our Academic Success Coaches provide a non-evaluative learning zone for teachers and administrators to grow his or her practice through individual or small group coaching. Using our  research-based Intentional Learning Strategies © combined with the district or school’s goals, educators have a voice in their professional learning that is targeted, growth-oriented, and empowering.  No single professional development activity is more impactful to an educator than non-evaluative, intensive instructional coaching, and no activity inside the construct of school is more impactful to student outcomes than amazing and empowering teachers and leaders. We want to normalize the idea that EVERY educator should have the opportunity to work with a coach in order to experience inspiring and impact-driven growth in the learning zone in order to become even more effective in the performance zone.  Educators can receive CEUs for participation in the coaching cycle.


1:1 Academic Success Coaching

Academic success coaching allows educators to receive professional development personally tailored to their unique needs. Teachers and administrators enrolled in academic success coaching will meet one-on-one with a seasoned educator who shares a common area of expertise. Our coaches guide educators to conduct their own observation, reflection and feedback to guide and perfect their pedagogy.  

Small Group Coaching

Small group coaching is ideal for situations where teachers or leaders share a common problem of practice they all must address. Whether it’s trauma-informed instruction, creating a student-centered classroom, a grade-level, content-area, or a group of teachers focused on teaching exceptional learners, small group coaching allows them to tackle common needs together. 

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