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"I enjoy speaking with the students about the virtual tutoring and hearing the positive comments from them. Many of the students have expressed specific educational topics that he/she have improved upon because of the tutoring. The data on student growth that is provided by Catalyst is a transparent asset, as well."
- General G. Breeland III, Principal

"I get to learn more and have a good time with my friends and tutoring teacher."
- 4th grader


"Virtual tutoring help me understand how to find the definitions from a sentence."
-8th Grader


This program has been a great asset to our school and students. I have students that will meet me in the hallways, outside, or in the cafeteria and tell me how much they love tutoring. The data allows us to see growth that is provided after each pre and post evaluation of the standards is a great tool and asset that shows the success of the program.
-Renee’ Hill Johns, Assistant Principal

Our Impacts

At Catalyst EDU, we strive to make meaningful impacts on the students and educators that we serve. We are proud of our reputation of being a company that provides transparent data to our educational partners to monitor student progress and celebrate student success. 

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